Power Cords, Cable Assemblies, & Wire Harnesses for Many Applications

Industrial Electromechanical Switch Assembly

For a wide range of industries, cable assemblies and wire harnesses provide the electrical and electronic application needs. Whether you are an HVAC OEM or an Agricultural OEM, custom power cords and wire assemblies can be customized to your power requirements.

Custom Cord & Harness Assemblies serves OEMs in a wide range of industries, providing custom wire harnesses, cable assemblies, and power cords that meet your unique requirements.

Industries for Custom Wire Harnesses and Cable Assemblies

Custom Assemblies and Harnesses for Manufactured Strobes

Custom Cord works closely with our customers to understand your unique needs. With our design assistance and commitment to satisfaction, OEMs in every industry can find the perfect custom harness and assembly solutions to meet your needs.

As a contract manufacturer, Custom Cord and Harness Assemblies produces wire harnesses and assemblies, multi-conductor cable assemblies, custom power cords, and electromechanical devices and assemblies for a diverse range of specific applications, including:

Other industries that use custom wire harnesses and cable assemblies include:

  • Commercial, industrial, and electronic equipment
  • Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)
  • Tanning Beds
  • Construction Equipment
  • Electronic Controls
  • Scientific & Lab Equipment
  • Consumer electronics and products

Industrial Electromechanical Assembly

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We meet a variety of Certifications and we work with a wide range of Connector Manufacturers. We provide quick turnarounds on quotes, assistance with designs, 100% testing, and more. Watch our video of our High Speed, Automated Production Equipment.

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