Commercial Food Service Equipment – Prototyping

Industrial commercial food service refrigeration equipment often requires custom prototyped circuit boards, wire harnesses, and cable harnesses for the machines to run as efficiently as possible. Custom industrial prototyping allows bugs and inefficiencies to be worked out prior to product launch.

The Problem: How to Effectively Reduce Material & Labor Costs During Commercial Food Service Equipment Production?

A well regarded commercial food service equipment company wanted to cut material, research, and labor costs for a Wire Harness and Custom Cable Assemblies used in one of their machines. As a result, the original prototype design presented to custom cord included wire routing that did not meet singular termination design specifications.

The Solution: A Commercial Food Service Equipment Prototype that Meets Product Design Specifications

Custom Cord and Harness Assemblies worked with the engineers of a major commercial food service equipment manufacturer to develop prototypes based on the customer’s prints and revised prints. The prototype production sequence consisted of two to three prototype designs, allowing for minor adjustments and tweaks to the design. The third prototype was then used as the production part of the project and met all required design specifications.

Custom Cord & Harness Assemblies’ Proven Results

Custom Cord and Harness Assemblies’ proven expertise in Custom Wire Harness and Cable Harness prototyping produced an extremely reliable part, allowing the customer to save significant material and labor costs. Custom Cord & Harness Assemblies’ prototyping processes provided the customer with efficient part customization and a cost savings of 10-15%.

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