Commercial Refrigeration Equipment – Design Assistance

Expensive materials are often used to manufacture commercial refrigeration equipment. However, less costly wire harness production options often exist that are not readily apparent to the manufacturer. Industrial design assistance for cable and wire harness production provides an efficient and effective way to cut material costs without sacrificing quality.

The Problem: Cutting Material Costs on Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Production Without Sacrificing Quality

A major commercial Refrigeration and Food Service Equipment manufacturer wanted to cut costs on certain areas of production by implementing different materials for their cable and wire harnesses. However, the commercial refrigeration equipment manufacturer did not have the time or resources to implement their own material cost savings initiative.

The Solution: Implementing New, High Quality Cable & Wire Harness Materials that Provide Significant Cost Savings

Custom Cord & Harness Assemblies was able to provide industry Design Assistance by locating and sourcing cable and Wire Harness materials that were less expensive than the manufacturer’s initial materials, without having to sacrifice quality. Custom Cord and Design Assemblies’ was able to look at the customer’s prints and determine the exact specifications of the equipment’s wire and cable harnesses’, while locating reputable sources for the materials.

Industrial Wire & Cable Harness Design Assistance Provides Proven Results

Custom Cord & Design Assemblies’ experience and in-depth knowledge of wire and cable harnesses provided a way for this commercial refrigeration equipment manufacturer to cut 10-15% in material costs. Custom Cord’s design assistance delivered the expertise to allow the customer to focus on other aspects of their business, while not having to focus on the material cost savings aspects of the project.

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Custom Cord & Harness Assemblies is a U.S. based custom components manufacturer of both commercial and industrial based OEMs. If you have a job that requires expert Wire and Cable Harness design assistance, we provide customized results that offer significant cost savings over standard production.

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