Custom Wire Harness and Cable Assembly Services

In addition to all the internal capabilities needed to produce cable assemblies, power cords and wire harnesses, including high speed, automated equipment and automated wire strippers, Custom Cord & Harness Assemblies also provides other value-added services to assist our customers.

100% Cable and Wire Harness Testing

Every power cord, cable assembly and wire harness we manufacture is tested to make sure it performs properly. Our unique 100% Testing ensures that EVERY product that leaves our plant will work the way it is expected to. We have multiple test units for coverage of diverse applications.

Design Assistance

At Custom Cord & Harness Assemblies, we love a good challenge. When a customer has a complicated request, we can often help develop creative solutions to meet their needs and budgets. We collaborate directly with OEM Engineers to develop the products needed and that meet their design specifications.

Our many years of experience can help with the following:

  • Reduce labor costs
  • Reduce material costs
  • Reduce tooling costs
  • Improve product quality and reliability

Customer Quotes and Prototypes

We are committed to customer satisfaction, and we take pride in our responsiveness to customer quote requests. When you submit and RFQ or contact us for a prototype, we work closely with you to not only provide an efficient quote, but to build a strong customer relationship as well.

We provide quotes very quickly, especially for applications that use standard materials and with a quantity of 500 pieces or fewer. For orders with greater than 500 pieces or orders using non-standard components, our best price may take a little longer to develop, due to needing to allow time to communicate with our vendors, request special pricing, etc

Connector Manufacturers We Work With

Since we have been in business a long time, we maintain excellent working relationships with the major connector manufacturers in the industry, including TE Connectivity, Molex, and JST, and we have aquired a lot of tooling for many different connector manufacturers.

This tooling is required to make precise and durable connections, allowing us to make quick prototypes or small production runs.

Contact us to see if we have what is needed to produce your prototype cable assembly or wire harness.

Competitive Pricing

Working with Custom Cord & Harness Assemblies means a low total cost of ownership. Our location, just a few minutes from an I-70 interchange, means low freight costs as well as short delivery times. Our 100% testing saves you from lost productivity or rework.

Also, we hold inventory for long lead time components for our loyal customers, ensuring short lead times for final assemblies. And finally, our prices are always competitive and do not fluctuate wildly as commodity prices rise and fall, making it easier for you to plan, budget and keep your costs low.

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