Traffic Signals - Reliable PCB Assembly Terminal Block Connections

Traffic signals that are installed in regions with extreme weather conditions often endure both hot and cold environments. To effectively operate continuously without interruption, the PCB assembly within the signal must be built with reliable cable and wire harnesses and terminal block connections to ensure reliable service, with minimal chance of failure.

The Problem: Establishing Reliable PCB Assemblies for Traffic Lights Located in Extreme Weather Environments

A national traffic signal manufacturer required reliable Circuit Board PCB Assembly and Wire Harness production for their traffic lights. Custom Cord's industry knowledge allowed them to advise the client that the circuit boards within the signals would need to be built to endure extreme temperature changes. These temperature changes were well outside of the typical circuit board assembly operating standards.

The Custom Cord & Harness Assemblies Solution

By utilizing proven dip soldering techniques for the terminal block connections, the PCB Assembly within the traffic signals was able to withstand both extreme hot and cold temperatures, while eliminating corrosion within the assembly. The customer was then able to replicate the PCB Assembly and wire and cable harness designs to fit their process requirements.

Custom Cord & Harness Assembly’s Proven Results

Since the PCB Assembly and Wire Harnesses within the traffic signal were able to endure both hot and cold temperatures without failure, Custom Cord’s industrial traffic signal customer felt confident in the functionality of their traffic signals. Additionally, the customer no longer had to be concerned with traffic light failures in extreme climates.

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